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Conformity with the Standard Criteria

Conformity with the Standard Criteria

이 표는 모범규준과의 차이 정보를 제공하며 모범규준 권고안, 채택여부, 비고으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Recommended Standard Criteria Adopted(Y/N) Description
Introduction of the Corporate Governance Charter Y Enacted on December 2020 upon the Board’s decision.
Enactment of Code of Ethics for employees Y Enacted on February 2007.
Separation between Representative Director and the Board of Directors (Board) Chairperson Y An outside director was appointed as the Board’s chairperson (March 2019).
Composition of the Board (with outside directors to comprise a majority) Y 8 directors in total: 5 outside directors, 2 internal directors and 1 non-executive director (62.5% is comprised of outside directors)
Regular Board meetings Y The principle is to hold the Board meetings on a monthly basis (Board Regulations).
In-advance notification to the directors prior to Board meetings Y Agenda items are distributed 5 days ahead of the meeting (Board Regulations).
Introduction of regulations that deal with the roles and operation procedures of the Board and various committees Y Regulations are introduced for operating the Board (including the Outside Director Candidate Nomination Committee) and the Audit Committee (disclosed on the official website).
Organization of a committee for fair nomination of director candidates Y The Outside Director Candidate Nomination Committee is in operation (2 outside directors and 1 internal director).
Organization of specialty committees under the Board Y The Audit Committee and Outside Director Candidate Nomination Committee are organized and in operation.
Disclosure of Board activity details, attendance rates and approval/disapproval on key agenda items Y Disclosed in business reports.
Liability insurance coverage for directors at the company’s expense Y Directors & Officers liability insurance
Operation of meetings attended only by outside directors Y Outside Directors meetings are held before Board meetings.
Appraisal of Board activities N Under review
Organization of the Audit Committee (100% outside directors) Y 4 outside directors comprise the Audit Committee (including finance/accounting experts)
Audit Committee to be held at least once a quarter Y The principle is to hold the Audit Committee at least once a quarter (Audit Committee Regulations)
Preservation of the external auditor’s independence Y Selection, review and approval of the external auditor of the Audit Committee
Certified accuracy of business reports Y Certified by the Representative Director and responsible executive.
Conformity with standard criteria Y Disclosed on the official website