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Managing Business for a Sustainable Earth

Climate Change Governance System

SK networks has adjusted its business portfolio in the course of reducing the impact it has on climate change by voting on the following issues during the past BOD meetings: LPG business transfer (February 2017), petrochemical product wholesale transfer (August 2017), Australia coal business withdrawal (October 2019), and petrochemical product retail transfer (March 2020). In March 2021, we created the ESG Management Committee consisting of five independent directors and the CEO following the BOD resolution to actively respond to environmental issues, including climate change, in addition to social and governance-related issues.

Net Zero 2040

SK networks is currently considering joining the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) after declaring Net Zero 2040 in June 2021. We intend to respond to climate change and solve environmental issues with sincerity.

Scenario of GHG* Emissions and Net Zero 2040(Unit: 1,000 tCO2eq)

SK네트웍스 감축량 목표

*Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions (Excludes Scope 3)

  • Target Companies: 7 (including all subsidiaries)

    SK networks/SK networks Service, SK magic/SK magic Service, SK rent-a-car/SK rent-a-car Service, MINTIT

  • 1.5°C: SBTi standard (annual 4.2% reduction)

    2021-2030 (annual 4.2% reduction), 2031-2040 (annual 5.8% reduction)

  • Fuel conversion, EV car transition for company vehicles, Energy efficiency improvement/facility investment, Reducing GHG emissions through various measures including renewable energy usage and new technology development

Plan for Renewable Energy Transition

With the goal of a 100% transition to renewable energy by 2040, SK networks has established a mid to long-term roadmap based on REC purchases, third-party PPAs, and solar energy use.

2040 RE100 Roadmap

SK네트웍스 감축량 목표

SK rent-a-car’s Electric Vehicle Conversion

Electric Vehicle Conversion Target by year

이 표는 년도, 내용으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Year 2025 2028 2030
EV conversion rate 25% 70% 100%

Jeju EV Park Construction Plan

  • 2020-22
    • Jeju EV Park site development and opening(EV Park Jeju, EV Park Seogwipo)

  • 2023-24
    • Performance measurement

      * Establishment of measurement criteria(supporting community’s EV conversion, air pollution reduction, etc.)

  • 2025-
    • 100% conversion of Jeju branch’s rental car to EV

SK magic’s Eco-friendly Home Appliances

이 표는 년도, 내용으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Year Activities
2021 Launch of ‘Green Collection,’ an eco-friendly home appliance lineup
- All Clean Air Purifier Green 242 (October)
- All Clean Air Purifier Green 267, 285 (November)
2024 Establishment of 100% recycling system (regenerating waste plastic into eco-friendly plastic)

Global Partnership

For the sake of a sustainable environment, SK networks plans to take part in appropriate global initiatives in terms of urgency, business relevance, and market impact.

이 표는 년도, 내용으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Year Description
2021 1) Evaluate and schedule for joining global initiatives
2) Select and join major global initiatives : ZWTL, EV100
2022 1) Enhance ZWTL certification goals (from acquiring certification to acquiring a grade)
2) Select and join major global initiatives : SBTi
~2025 1) Manage performance for joined global Initiative
2) Review joining additional initiatives such as UNGC and RE100.