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SK Electlink

SK Electlink is the largest private charging business operator in South Korea, providing a total range of solutions for EV charging, including charger installation, charging services, operation of charging platforms, and development of related solutions. As the first private operator that works with Korea Expressway Corporation in this field, we have secured key charging locations and operate ultra-fast chargers at highway rest areas. We continue to innovate charging services based on our differentiated technological capabilities and knowledge.

Auto Charging Service

Auto charging is one of the new methods of charging EVs. It is a convenient charging solution that handles charging and fee payment at once, bypassing complicated processes such as card tagging for member authentication or charger screen touching. It allows users to simply link their EV with the charger. SK Electlink introduced the 1st generation auto charging service authenticating users by checking license plate numbers using cameras, based on deep learning. In 2022, SK Electlink commercialized the 2nd generation auto charging service that authenticates users by encrypting unique vehicle information. We are preparing to introduce the 3rd generation auto charging solution, which can apply Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication protocols to the wireless charging environment. In particular, auto charging can be requested through a single QR code scan using the SK Electlink app. It is an optimal service solution for charging stations that can contribute to carbon neutrality by reducing the use of plastic cards

Monitoring System to Prevent Interruption During EV Charging

The monitoring system to prevent interruption during EV charging is a solution designed to resolve the greatest pain point experienced by EV customers, caused by the illicit use of charging surfaces. With the recent increase in the supply of EVs, disputes among users are gradually increasing and causing social conflict, due to the increased incidence of charging interruptions at public charging stations and APTs. SK Electlink developed a solution to prevent charging interruption and minimize disputes by cooperating with municipal and district governments and APT management offices. Optical cameras that can recognize license plate numbers based on deep learning are used to monitor ordinary vehicles or vehicles that continue using the charging surface after charging is complete. The owners of such vehicles are informed by text messages or notifications, and if the charging surface continues to be in use, a photo of the license plate number is taken and sent to the relevant municipal or district government to impose a fine. In the future, SK Electlink will continue its efforts to utilize differentiated technologies to minimize the inconvenience of EV customers and make charging a convenient and pleasant experience

SK Rent-a-car Overview

  • FY2023 Sales KRW 37.9 billion
  • 2023 Korea Energy Awards Prime Minister's Commendation

    (Energy Efficiency Improvement category)