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En-core is a tech company adopting Data-AI and business innovation.

Having established a unique methodology based on a deep understanding and insight into data and IT, En-core has developed and supplied data consulting services and data integration management solution DATAWARE™ to support enterprises and institutions in systematic data management and use. Our services and products are utilized across various industries, including manufacturing, services, finance, telecommunications, public sectors, distribution, healthcare, and education.

We are expanding our business by providing efficient strategies along with specialized solutions and information that align with technological trends and customer needs, such as establishing a data governance system, building next-generation systems, data migration and integration, data lake construction, data portal development, cloud, responding to the MSA environment, data standardization strategies using artificial intelligence, and IT training.

Our plans for 2024 are to introduce new products and services based on data and artificial intelligence to expand our business areas, adapting to the rapidly changing IT environment and striking technological advancements.

Enterprise AI Platform

With the rapidly changing IT environment, enterprises and institutions use various systems and related data to promote work efficiency and provide internal and external services, and their needs are growing. Artificial intelligence is an essential element of technology for better services and processes, task automation, and augmented IT asset utilization. En-core aims to provide an AI platform that can maximize the use of artificial intelligence based on the customers’ IT and data environment.

Leveraging our understanding and know-how of data and IT, we will provide a platform for our customers to use artificial intelligence effectively for their benefit. To this end, we will utilize open-source LLM, commercial LLM and ML, and other AI technologies to supply products and services that integrate enterprise AI utilization methodologies, processes, human resources, and applications.

Data Consulting

En-core offers exclusive data consulting services facilitated by specialized data consultants and solution architects who understand different industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, and the public sector. We provide optimized consulting services that address customer needs based on EDF™ (Enterprise Data Framework), a data consulting methodology developed by accumulated data consulting know-how, including next-generation architecture, data design, integration, migration, performance management, quality control, and governance.

Data Solution: DATAWARE™

  • En-core’s proprietary
    data consulting
    framework (EDF) is

  • All-in-one Data
    integrating 9
    solutions into one

  • Utilized to build data systems
    in various industries, such as
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En-core provides an integrated data management solution called DATAWARE™ as a single platform to maximize data quality in enterprise data management.

DATAWARE™ is an integrated solution that supports an enterprise-wide data management system from analysis, design, and operation to corporate data management. Comprised of data modeling, meta, quality, flow, impact analysis, data bank, operation, and management, the solution complies with international web standards and is compatible with the e-government framework.

Service modules are optimized for on-premise or cloud environments, allowing services to be provided without OS and browser dependency. All solutions can be installed separately as plug-ins and are delivered in a unified web-based portal format, enabling an optimal environment for operation and management.

DATAWARE™ contributes to enhanced convenience and productivity for efficient data management in enterprises and institutions.

PlayData_IT Training for Professionals

En-core’s IT training center, PlayData Academy, aims to train IT professionals who will lead the Industry 4.0 era. It offers a curriculum encapsulating En-core’s consulting expertise and comprises top-notch instructors nationwide, providing customized training programs centered around on-site projects. Since its opening in 2017, more than 3,000 students and employees have completed En-core PlayData’s training programs.

  • FY2023 sales KRW 25.7 billion
  • Projects Over 1,000 projects
  • Customers Over 500