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Managing Business for a Sustainable Society

SK networks aims to innovate corporate values through its orientation towards future growth, defined as Customer Value Explorer. We will pursue new customer-focused values through ambitious goal setting to augment customer value, active communication to execute the goals, and sustained business innovation efforts.

Customer Communication Channels

When SK networks receives customer feedback through the voice of customer (VOC) channels in each business division, it promotes customer satisfaction by promptly responding to complaints.

Customer Satisfaction Survey : SpeedMate Happy Call

Through the Happy Call survey, SpeedMate analyzes customer satisfaction of customers for basic and complex maintenance. We use the detailed feedback collected to improve and develop products and services.

2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey(Unit : %)

  • 72.6Very Satisfied
    Basic Maintenance
  • 76.6Very Satisfied
    Complex Maintenance

Customer Value (CV) Board

SK networks considers a ‘customer-oriented mindset’ as a core company value and regularly runs the “Customer Value (CV) Board” every month, supervised by the CEO. CV Board requires the attendance of all business divisions and subsidiaries. The Board implements detailed measures of BM innovation activities and develops a customer-centered work culture by analyzing trends and customer behavior, discovering best practices of enhancing customer value, and sharing them with other employees.