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Customer Value Explorer

70 years with our customers

The foundation of SK Networks in 1953 signaled a new phase of the Korean economy, which had been devastated after the Korean War. Sunkyung Textiles, the precursor to SK Networks, began operation by repairing 20 old weaving machines damaged by bombings. Like its name, sun (鮮) meant “shining” and kyung (京) meant “great”, the company gave hope.

Since 1953, SK Networks has always been at our customers' sides with the same vision and spirit it had when it once gave the nation hope and a reason to dream during the revitalization of Korea.
SK Networks has always been with you.

We are thinking of our customers at this very moment

Network for our everyday life

  • Business Innovation
  • Value Explorer
  • Horizontal Organizational
  • Customer Value
  • Company Value
  • Deep Change
  • Rental Business

About SK Networks

Innovating corporate value with a vision of future growth aptly entitled “Customer Value Explorer,” SK Networks defines investment initiatives in such domains as Digital Transformation, Web 3 and Sustainability (Green Technology, etc.) as strategic pillars of future growth drivers. SK Networks promotes a corporate culture in which ‘its people can work with joy and bolster corporate value.’ Standing upon such corporate culture, we will define daring goals that can lift up customer value, actively communicate and forge ahead with business innovation to fulfill such goals in a bid to find ‘new values of SK Networks centered around customers.’

  • We will accelerate growth
    with a focus on the rental business.

  • We will enhance value
    by innovating existing business models.

  • We will establish a horizontal,
    customer value-focused organization.

  • Developing Growth Engines by Investing in Sustainable Domains
    (Digital Transformation, Web 3 and Sustainability (Green Technology, etc.) )