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Managing Business for a Sustainable Earth

SK networks is expanding as a sustainable ICT resource circulation service provider through a resource circulation system that supports the disposal and recycling of products by creating a new life cycle in the form of products, parts, and raw materials.

ICT Circular Economy

  • Primary processing(Collect/Transport, Sort, Terminate)
  • Secondary processing(Dissolve/Extract)
  • Raw material production
  • Manufacturer
  • SK networks (Distribution)
  • Agency
  • MINTIT ATM ITAD(Reuse → 1차가공, 재사용 → Customers)
  • Acquire sympathy for a brand story,
    expand BM (Business Model)
    at a global level
  • Vitalize a used product trade
    through platform evolution
    (used phone ▶ desktop laptop
    computer ▶ ICT devices)
  • Create cluster of stakeholders
    based on affiliation synergy
    (Re:ciety Club)