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Creating Future Value through Transparent Management

Investment Committee

Investment Committee

SK networks operates an ‘Investment Committee’ to review, deliberate, and make decisions on new investment and disposal, strategic suitability for significant changes in corporate governance, rationality and adequacy of execution, economic feasibility, and risk.

Role & Responsibility of Investment Committee

The Investment Committee conducts consultations and discussions based on pre-reviewed investment proposals on the business environment, finance, legal affairs, and ESG and makes the final decision. The Pre-investment Committee oversees the preliminary review of investment proposals, and the opinions and evaluation tables reviewed by the Pre-investment Committee are presented to the Investment Committee.

  • Investment Committee
    • Members : CEO, COO, Director of Management Supporting Division, Head of Strategy Planning Division, Head of Finance Division, Head of Sustainable Management Division
    • Secretary : Head of Investment Management Center
  • Pre-investment Committee
    • Members : M&A Group PL, Strategy team leader, Finance team leader, Accounting team leader, Tax team leader, Legal team leader, SV Leading team leader
    • Others : Purchasing & Supply Management team leader participates in case of investment in procurement

Operation Process of Investment Committee

  • Pre-investment Committee review

    Preliminary review of investment proposals

  • Convocation

    Meeting convened by Secretary of Investment Committee

  • Discussion

    Mandatory consultation process consisting only of members of the Investment Committee

  • Meeting Minute & Confidentiality

    Documentation of meetings and its confidentiality

  • Decision Making

    Standard for decision making
    Strategic direction, R&C securing plan, Valuation, Milestone, Major issue and contingency plan, ESG/SV, Exit plan, etc.
    Criteria for resolution
    Presence of 2/3 or more of all members and the consent of 2/3 or more of those present

* In the case of an investment that requires approval by the BOD, the final resolutions shall be made after a final review by the BOD following the preliminary deliberation through the ESG Management Committee.