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Rental service, heading up to healthy lifestyle

SK Magic

Since the inception in 1985, SK Magic has led the home appliances market based on our unparalleled technology and customer-friendly services. We expanded our product line with ‘Green Collection’, an eco-friendly brand, to firmly position ourselves as an unwavering leading company in the industry. As another differentiation strategy, we presented ‘Tailored Life Subscription,’ a new paradigm of personalized subscription economy in the home appliances field. Through the tailored life subscription, customers can experience SK Magic’s eco-friendly products based on their personal tastes and experience the value of eco-friendly consumption. Going forward, SK Magic will continue to invest in technologies to respond to the rapidly changing household appliances while sharpening our CS capabilities so that we can dominate the global market beyond the domestic market.


The Home Appliance Rental Business of SK Magic is developing by launching novel products in Korea. Based on Korea’s first innovative technological competences including JIKSOO Water Purifier, JIKSOO Ice & Water Purifier, stainless JIKSOO pipe, UV LED cork sterilization, 6-way sterilization bidet, and AI Air Purifier, we have received many awards such as Innostar, Green Star, and CES Innovation Awards and strived to improve customer convenience. Moreover, the SK Magic Care Service, added to care-focused rental products, provides the top-notch service with clean water and air.

  • Smart Motion Air Purifier

    This air purifier, with the Korea’s first smart sensor and motion technologies, is equipped with the cutting-edge technology that focuses on caring the dust by rotating to the direction where the user’s movement was detected.

  • Triple Care Dishwasher

    The Triple Care Dishwasher is equipped with the integrated management function that allows drying and storage as well as cleaning for the first time in Korea. This Dishwasher won the 2020 CES Innovation Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

  • Magic Control Electric Range

    We are maintaining the No.1 in market dominance in the electric range sector based on its unique technologies including delicate fire control and various safety devices.

  • All in one JIKSOO Water Purifier

    We minimized customers’ concerns about hygiene by not only using JIKSOO pipe which is durable against contamination and corrosion, but also conducting 99.9% sterilization on water and cork that go through the UV LED lamp, beyond an innovation to remove the water tank.

Rental Overview

  • FY2023 Sales KRW 840 billion
  • No. of Rental Accounts (cumulative) 2.6 million

    (as of end of December 2023)

  • Grand Slam of the global top 3 design awards iF, IDEA, reddot
  • K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) NO.1

    (for 21 consecutive years)