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Social Value

Creating Social Value through Value Innovation in Harmony.

SV Implementation System

SK Networks operates a SV implementation system based on the SK Group’s management philosophy of ‘happiness of employees and stakeholders.’

SK Networks’ SV Implementation System

  • SK Group Management Philosophy

    Happiness of Employees & Stakeholders

  • SV Priority Areas
    • Healthy Life
      Healthy Life
    • Ethical Production & Consumption
      Ethical Production & Consumption
  • SV Direction
    Business Model(BM) innovation through solving the pain points of
    stakeholders with digital technology
  • SV Tasks
    • SV based
      BM innovation
      • Operate an SV Board
      • Conduct SV-BM Workshop
    • Management
      System Improvement
      • Establish an SV measurement system
      • Secure an SV embedded management system for each function
      • Develop and manage key ESG indicators
    • Employee Engagement
      & Actions
      • Establish an SV bulletin board
      • Operate Platform for SV activities (Hanggarae)
      • Conduct Happiness Survey
      • Organize SV educational sessions and improve insight
    • Compliance
      • Operate a Compliance Council
      • Ethical management education and workshop

SV Management Organization

  • ESG Management Committee
  • CEO
  • Sustainability Management Committee
    Social Value Division
    SV Implementation Team
  • Company-wide ESG Implementation Committee
  • SV meet up
  • Environmental CoE

ESG Management System

SK Networks centers our company-wide capabilities on creating social value and has been operating a team dedicated to promoting SV to secure communication channels for each line of business. In 2021, the ESG Management Committee was established under the BOD to build an ESG Management system that is led at the corresponding level.

SV meet up, the Social Value Council

SK Networks’ social value council, SV meet up, has been operating since 2019 under the supervision of the CEO. The SV meet up, with members of the strategy team, each business division, and members of the SV management organization of subsidiaries, shares and discusses the status and issues of each business on promoting SV and the domestic and international trends of SV, such as the Korean New Deal and RE100.