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In a nation where people are the most important resource, SK develops the people.

Performance Appraisal

Appraisal Targets

All SK Networks People

Areas of appraisal
  • SK Values
  • competence
  • records
  • Fair standards are applied for regular appraisal of competence, talents, job performance, etc.
  • Results are used to determine the criteria for promotion, transfer, training & education, compensation, etc.
  • No unfair discrimination due to gender, age, academic background, etc.


SK Networks offers a range of fair, competitive compensation measures in Total Reward terms based on capabilities and performance.
In particular, the Company is actively using the Incentive Bonus scheme for additional monetary compensation linked with the Company’s performance. When the Company achieves an excellent management performance to be shared by the people through the scheme, the Company and the people can grow and develop together at the same time.
In addition, we have institutes quarterly reward programs at the enterprise level to ensure that SKN people feel recognized and motivated to achieve higher levels of performance.

Total Reward
Compensation Compensation

Base Pay Annual salary system for all SK Networks people based on job duties, capabilities and performance

IB (Incentive Bonus) Performance-related merits according to achievements made by unit organizations, mid-unit organizations and individuals

Welfare Benefits

Various supports for work-life balance

Performance & Talent Management Performance & Talent Mgmt

Continuous development Training opportunities, Career development programs

Work environment Challenging tasks, recognition and encouragement, rewards, job stability, etc.

Welfare & Benefits

SK Networks has a welfare & benefits system in place to create an environment where
its people can devote themselves to pursue happiness and perform their work.


  • Health checkup expense
  • Dental insurance
  • Fitness center
  • Health keeping support

(Resting and Recovery)

  • Resort/condominium membership in summer
  • Club activity support
  • For the Next 10 Years program (travel support to promote long-term service)
  • Recharging leave


  • Housing fund support
  • Life stability fund support
  • Flextime support
  • Congratulatory money for school entry
  • In-house counselling office
  • Day-care center
  • School tuition support for children
  • Financial planning support


  • Long-term service reward
  • Support for congratulations and condolences
  • Self-development subsidy/Selective welfare & benefit support
  • Transportation expense support
  • SK Family Card
  • Supporting Self-design CoP (Supporting self-directed learning of SKN people to enhance their lifelong competitiveness.)
  • Operating canteens and offering breakfast/lunch.
  • Company brand discount