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Creating Future Value through Transparent Management

Management System

Management System

SK networks takes not only its economic and legal responsibilities seriously, but also ethical responsibility is vital in its management processes. By establishing a fair and transparent corporate culture, we aim to earn the trust of our stakeholders and contribute to the happiness of society as a whole through the continuous growth and development of the company. In this regard, SK networks established and released the Code of Ethics in 2007, based on SKMS, SK's management philosophy. The Code provides employees with directions on proper behaviors and judgement and requests suppliers to understand and comply with the Code of Ethics.

Ethical Management System

To fulfill its ethical responsibilities and to enhance stakeholders' trust, SK networks is striving to foster a fair, transparent corporate culture by establishing an ethical management system consisting of 3Cs (Code, Compliance, and Consensus). Our Internal Audit Team, an organization in charge of ethical management, operates the ethical management system and runs various systems and programs to establish and spread the ethics culture.

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Management System
  • 01. Code
  • 02. Compliance
  • 03. Consensus

Management System

  1. 01

    Code of Ethics,
    Code of Ethics Practice Guideline,
    FAQ for practicing ethical management

  2. 02

    Exclusive organization for ethical management (Internal Audit Team),
    Reporting channel and Whistleblower protection,
    Self-monitoring & correction system

  3. 03

    Ethical management education and
    workshop, Ethical management surveys,Pledge of ethical practices