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CEO Message

SK networks is advancing toward a happy future that creates sustainable value

We are
pleased to welcome you
to the SK networks website.

The history of SK networks began in 1953 when its precursor Sunkyung Textiles was founded.
SK networks has continued to innovate its business model aimed at strengthening future competence. SK magic recorded KRW 1 trillion in sales despite the fierce competition in the home appliances rental market. Reborn as an integrated company, SK rent-a-car has successfully established a stable business foundation. Moreover, MINTIT, the circular economy business model of recycling ICT devices based on SK networks’ core competence in distributing ICT devices, has been underway.

SK networks will continue to enhance sustainability and innovate its business model through ESG management.

CEO Message from Park Sang Kyu

CEO & President
Park Sang Kyu

Goals of SK networks

  1. 01 We will earn the market’s trust this year with our achievement and growth

    The company built its foundation for business stability by optimizing its business portfolio over the years and posted 122 billion won in operating income in 2021, thanks to the positive performance of its rental business. In 2022, we will lift up shareholder value with top-notch performance and sustainable growth. Our existing businesses will expand into new domains by combining ESG with technologies, and our rental business will continue to capitalize on additional growth opportunities by switching to eco-friendly products and online platforms. We would like to thank the market and shareholders for their trust and support.

  2. 02 We will endeavor to secure new growth drivers.

    We understand the shareholders’ expectation of our new growth drivers. Accordingly, the company will finance new growth portfolios by leveraging funds available from its retail gas station business, SK pinx, and sale of SK Myeongdong building. In particular, we will prospect for new opportunities in the rapidly growing blockchain industry and continue to beef up global business coverage and investment capabilities with focus on the United States. In response to expectations of the market and shareholders, we will try out best to find new corporate growth drivers and evolve into a sustainable company.

  3. 03 We will put our strength into ESG management for sustainable development.

    There is a recent trend of corporate valuation to place increasingly greater focus on ESG as well as financial elements. The company will endeavor to deliver more value to shareholders by empowering the board of directors as well as the ESG management committee and the HR committee under its supervision to take practical accountability for management and establish an ESG management system. In addition, we will link our business model with social issues in pursuit of meaningful solutions to deliver social value.

SK networks will continue to do its best to maximize customer values by pursuing growth and development, with all its executives and employees committed in unison to that end. We appreciate your unwavering support and encouragement.

Thank you.