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Managing Business for a Sustainable Earth

Purpose & Scope

To effectively cope with environmental regulations addressing climate change and efficiently control environmental impacts, SK Networks has implemented and managed an environmental management system covering the entire business processes of its head office on the basis of ISO14001:2015 certification scheme.
SK Networks engages its people in preventing environmental disasters and delivering systematic response, develops environmental management strategies aligned with environmental laws/regulations, and identifies requirements from various interested parties in and out of the company to proactively inform and upgrade environmental management practices.

Operating process

SK Networks has implemented an environmental document management system architecture and developed environmental management system operation regulations and guidelines informed by planning, operation and performance for efficient operation, registering one regulation and three guidelines as enterprise-wide in-house rules to be shared by all its people.
In particular, environmental management system operation processes based on PDCA in ISO14001:2015 requirements have been rolled out and environmental policies have been established as informed by understanding of environmental aspects and impacts, issues and risks, and compliance with environmental laws/regulations, with environmental objectives and action plans developed accordingly.
Environmental performance is also monitored regularly and conformity to ISO14001:2015 requirements is assessed each year by Internal Audit and certification renewal assessment by a third party verification agency, which triggers continual improvement based on nonconformity findings or recommendations.

* Environment Management System Education

운영프로세스의 내부심사 (표) 입니다. 이 표는 조직상황, 리더십, 기획, 지원, 운용, 성과평가, 개선으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Date Title Target of education Place Educational objective Content
2022.6.20 Introduction to ISO 14001 Employees of each organization subject to this project Head office Understanding the Environmental Management System Introduction and explanation of environmental management certification
2022.7.28 Training for ISO14001 Internal Auditors ISO14001 Internal Auditors Online education Implementation and Performance Sharing of Environmental Management System Planning / Operation / Performance / Results Sharing of ISO 14001
2023.9.8 ISO14001 internal assessor training ISO14001 internal assessors Online training To improve the performance & compliance of environmental management system ISO14001
planning/operation/performance & requirements

Environmental Policy

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