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Rental service, heading up to healthy lifestyle

SK Rent-a-car Car Rental

SK Rent-a-car is spurring its efforts to innovate customer experience through its distinguished ‘Car Care Life Ser vice,’ and ‘digital technology-based BM (Business Model),’ that we have achieved on the strength of 35 years of experiences in driving the domestic rental business. To give customers more access, we opened our ‘SK Rent-a-car Direct’ homepage. On top of that, we provide a variety of services that meet the needs of customers, such as ‘Tago Pay,’ a reasonable vehicle rental plan that charges customers per mileage traveled, and ‘O2O Vehicle Management Service’ that connects online and offline. Going forward, SK Rent-a-car will reinvent itself as ‘Data-driven O2O Mobility Service Provider,’ through ‘Online Platform Business Innovation.’ Based on more than 150 networks in Korea, SK Rent-a-car will go beyond the conventional car rental business area to advance digital technology, expand customers through data analysis, and enhance service improvement to bring mobility innovation so that customer satisfaction can be realized. On top of that, we will deliver a new electric vehicle experience for customers through 100% conversion to eco-friendly vehicles by 2030 in accordance with the declaration of joining EV-100 and K-EV100. Also, Korea's largest electric vehicle complex, 'SK Rent-a-car Jeju EV Park (temporary name)' is scheduled to open in 2023. Through these endeavors, we will usher in a new era of eco-friendly mobility together with our customers.


The Long-term Individual Rent-a-Car Business is offered to individual customers or self-employers car rental contracts from 3 to 5 years. Every process of the vehicle management from taxes, maintenance, insurance, accident settlement, and sales is conducted by SK Rent-a-car to provide convenient and cost-efficient service to our customers. In particular, SK Long-term rent-a-car provides various and differentiated membership services such as short-term free vouchers and repair discounts and is enhancing customer convenience using the ‘SK Long-term rent-a-car Direct’ applied with AI and VR technologies. Furthermore, our salespeople plays their role as an exclusive consultant of customers, which makes us differ from the competitors.


The Long-term Corporate Rent-a-Car is a service for small, medium, and large companies to rent business-purpose cars. SK Rent-a-car has established the nationwide sales system and performs marketing activities toward corporate customers. Through the ‘Smart Link (Internet of Things (IoT) Vehicle Driving Management System)’, we are enhancing vehicle driving efficiency and saving an amount of management costs. Meanwhile, we also strive to increase customer values by providing a variety of services such as moving car maintenance service system that is available countrywide.


The Short-term Rent-a-Car is divided into two types of services. One is renting vehicles to customers who intend to drive cars for short-term purposes such as travel, leisure, and business trips, and the other is to companies and public offices who want to use vehicles for business purposes on a monthly bases. SK Rent-a-car provides various discount benefits through the partnership with T-Day, travel agencies, and social commerce. The Jeju branch, in particular, uses the ‘Express Service’ to dramatically save customers’ standby time for car pickups and returns, thereby enhancing customer values. Moreover, we are continuously developing package products tailored for various customers’ needs and offering more convenient and smarter use of rental cars.

Car-Life-Service (SUBSIDIARY)

In order to support the car rental business more professionally, Car-Life-Service was established in March 2016. Car-Life-Service performs the overall short-term car rental sales support; accident vehicle and regular inspection/repair, courtesy car provision, in-person car inspection by visiting, distribution center and customer center operating, and other general business supports, etc. it will become a reliable supporter of the car rental business by enhancing customer trust and service expertise, along with the relentless challenges and innovation.

SK Rent-a-car Overview

  • FY2023 Sales KRW 1.68 trillion
  • No. of Rental Permits 200 thousand
  • KS-WEI No.1 for 12
    consecutive years

    (Korea Standard Well-being & Environment Index)

  • 2023 National Service Award Awards in the
    rental car sector

    (for 4 consecutive years)