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Managing Business for a Sustainable Earth

SK networks is expanding as a sustainable ICT resource circulation service provider through a resource circulation system that supports the disposal and recycling of products by creating a new life cycle in the form of products, parts, and raw materials.

ICT Circular Economy

  • Primary processing(Collect/Transport, Sort, Terminate)
  • Secondary processing(Dissolve/Extract)
  • Raw material production
  • Manufacturer
  • SK networks (Distribution)
  • Agency
  • MINTIT ATM ITAD(Reuse → 1차가공, 재사용 → Customers)
  • Acquire sympathy for a brand story,
    expand BM (Business Model)
    at a global level
  • Vitalize a used product trade
    through platform evolution
    (used phone ▶ desktop laptop
    computer ▶ ICT devices)
  • Create cluster of stakeholders
    based on affiliation synergy
    (Re:ciety Club)

Fulfilling the Responsibility of Collecting Disposed Devices

As a merchandiser of the ICT device market, SK networks takes responsibility for collecting disposed devices following the amendment of resource circulation regulations. We registered as a member of the Korea Electronics Recycling Cooperative in 2015 and systematized an electronics recycling system. SK networks is doing its best in safeguarding customer privacy and preventing environmental pollution by collecting waste mobile phones and safely decommissioning them.

Mandatory collection quota of the Korea Electronics Recycling Cooperative
delineated by the Ministry of Environment (100% achieved)(Unit : Tonne)

  • 268 2019
  • 313 2020
  • 365 2021
  • 302 2022(estimate)

Creating Re:ciety Club

Based on the ‘reusing culture’ MINTIT has fostered, and the expanded recycling system of SK networks Service, SK networks aims to create “Re:ciety Club” a cooperative body for sustainability where stakeholders voluntarily participate and cooperate in 4R(Reuse, Recycle, Replace, Reduce) activities. By implementing proper recycling of old mobile devices through programs such as the “Nationwide Old Cellphone Collection Campaign,” we minimize environmental pollution, reduce waste generated in the community by recycling our resources, and expand awareness on resource circulation.

2020 4R Performance

  • Online campaign for
    recycling mobile devices

  • Agreement on
    ICT Dream Support (2nd)

  • Developed insurance for
    damaged used phones

  • Development and increase in
    the number of MINTIT
    ATM mini installations

  • Samsung Special
    Rewards Program

  • Samsung laptop transfer

  • Registered as a member of
    1% for the Planet

  • 2020 “Nationwide Old Cellphone
    Collection Campaign”

Strategies to reduce the environmental impact caused by packaging

SK magic is making efforts to minimize resource consumption so that product packaging efficiency can be improved and the use of eco-friendly materials can be expanded, and also to reduce elements hazardous to the environment. The Mars Project is a project for product structure improvement and cost reduction which has been running since 2018. In the project, ideas have been suggested and improvements have been made about minimizing resource consumption in products. In 2022, the Packaging Improvement Task Force was launched to evaluate the efficiency of, resource consumption level of and degree of environmental pollution created by the packaging currently in use. The identified problems were solved resulting in annual reduction of 67 tons of EPS* pad and 127 tons of carton box.
*EPS : Expended Polystyrene

    <Major activities for packaging improvement>
  • 1. Criteria change for product distribution environment, quality test and packaging efficiency
    • - Unnecessary, excessive packaging elements were removed.
    • - Packaging material specifications were shared.
    • - Packaging structure was made efficient.
    • - Adhesive tapes on top of a packaging box were removed.
    • - Parts packaging was made efficient.
  • 2. Use of eco-friendly materials
    • - EPS pad was removed from the Eco Mini Water Purifier Green 41 which was launched in 2022 because the pad was difficult to recycle and caused environmental pollution. 100% paper packaging material was used instead.
  • 3. Review of using multi-use packaging materials
    • - The development of multi-use packaging material is in progress using durable and easy-to-recycle EPS materials.
    • - When multi-use packaging materials are used, it will become possible to reduce packaging materials that were just thrown away before.

Walkerhill announced a transition to an eco-friendly hotel to speed up the implementation of green management prioritizing customers and environment. Seeking an active engagement to respond to climate change, the hotel is making efforts to introduce more eco-friendly elements to packaging materials by replacing single-use products to multi-use products, making lightweight and standardized products or food/beverage packages, and converting replaceable materials into eco-friendly materials. As a result, the hotel passed a thorough examination and obtained the Eco-Label certification from the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute under the Ministry of Environment. We will continue to present specific solutions for a sustainable environment.

    - History of the transition to eco-friendly materials and multi-use products (100% transition as of 2022)
  • 1. Use of eco-friendly/biodegradable materials
    • Cold preserving materials (vinyl + gel) for courier packaging → eco-friendly cold preserving materials (paper packaging + natural vegetable gel)
    • Guest room amenities* (plastic + vinyl) → eco-friendly amenities* (wheat straw plastic or cornstarch-based (shower cap) products + stone paper wrapper)
    • Beverage straws, take-out cups, lids (plastic) → eco-friendly products (PLA (straws, ice), bamboo materials (hot))
    • Product packaging boxes (Styrofoam + paper) → lightweight (removal of Styrofoam), eco-friendly package boxes (paper)
    • Regular bags and laundry bags (vinyl) → eco-friendly bags (biodegradable vinyl) and laundry bags (paper)
    • Paper supplies (vellum paper) for guest rooms → Eco-label certified products (Montblanc paper)
    • Guest room slippers (chemical fiber) → eco-friendly slippers (cotton + paper)
    • Guest room ballpoint pens (plastic) → eco-friendly ballpoint pens (paper)
    • *comb, razor, toothbrush, shower cap, etc.
  • 2. Transition to multi-use products
    • Single-use coasters (paper) → multi-use coasters (silicone)
    • Miniature amenities (shampoo, lotion, etc.) → large capacity dispensers
- Key images related to the application of products made of eco-friendly and multi-use materials
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